Bei The Fish

Ognen Anastasovski - bass, guitar, vocal, keyboards
Valentina Minovska - vocal, keyboards, percussion
Nenad Tonkin - keyboards, programing
Vladimir Nastevski - electronic drums (live)

The band comes from the teenage dream Benzona and moved into something completely different. Bei The Fish is created by Ognen Anastasovski, graduated double bass player, who dedicated his entire life to creation of sounds. The musical structure is changing the framework, but Ognen, with Nenad and Valentina are always at the heart of the band. The drummer (Vladimir) joined in 2009, wich broth new energy and freshness.

The musical expression of the group represents an unique fusion of acoustic instruments, electronics and modern macedonian and mediterranean condiment, with a captivating nature of pop music.

The band is enjoying continuous flow of releases and live shows, and is one of the most popular and respected acts in Macedonia.