Conquering Lion

Rootsman 1 - vocal, guitar, trombone
Yugo - drums
Deki - guitar, vocals
Papak - bass
Kondur - persussions
Shajo - keyboards, trumpet
Spanac - sound effects

Have you ever dreamed about a world full with love, peace and happiness??? Well... Jah connected this people to make this dream to come true through the guidance of music. April 2007 - the month when those citizens of the world started sending positive vibrations across the world.

Now, free your mind to free the world. Extract the bad toughts, forget the bad feelings, only the good can guide you to the righteous path. The border, the war, the fake values... this is just a mirror image created to lure you to something you dont want... All this time... We are just destroying this world. The world where I live and where you live... Where we are killing each other... Where we kill someone because someone told us that he is our enemy... Are we blind? Or we close our eyes in front of the face of truth... WAKE UP!!!