Duke Bojadziev

Duke Bojadziev (a.k.a. Duke B) is a macedonian music composer and producer based in New York City since 2001. His discography includes 7 albums and his music was featured on a multiple compilations (Chill out in Paris, Fashion Week, Marrakech Express).

Duke's credits include scoring and orchestrating for European and Hollywood movies, worldwide TV adverts, TV shows, exclusive websites and multimedia presentation. He has co-written and co-produced with Telepop Musik, Angela McCluskey, Neil McLellan and did remixes for Cindy Lauper, Asia Argento and Blue Man Group. Duke served as a musical director/pianist of the infamous New York- based musical theater The Citizens Band. Since his performance style and production is very versatile, Duke has an acoustic and an electronic performance set. His electronic performance goes under the name Project GAEA, which started in 2007 collaborating with TK Wonder, Kim Wayman, Sylvia Black, Antipop (TelepopMusic), Kiril Dzajkovski, and resulted with shows in New York, Paris and Eastern European Festivals (EXIT, VipIN, OffFest).

more info at www.dukeb.com